St. John School takes pride in being a school community that welcomes the gifts and talents of so many individuals. An investment of your time and talent is critical to the success of our school! We invite you to volunteer for various events and activities that serve the students and build community amongst one another.

If you have a student currently enrolled at St. John School please see our Parent Volunteering page.

All volunteers are required to complete VIRTUS training and screening.

With our longstanding commitment in mind, all parishes and Archdiocesan Catholic Schools use VIRTUS, a compliance management system that allows all parishes and schools to facilitate compliance with Archdiocesan child protection requirements for all volunteers who work with minors, employees, and clergy.

All those who wish to work or volunteer in our school must be appropriately screened and trained and provide three written references to the school. All who wish to do so must go to virtusonline.org. You will register by clicking “First-Time Registrant.” Select: “Begin the registration process,” and then “Baltimore Archdiocese.” You will create a login-ID and password. 

Thank you for your service to our Church and especially for your commitment to the children and youth.  

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