Catholic School Academics Program


At St. John School, a positive learning climate exists to encourage the students to achieve academically, and to develop a sense of self-worth and personal accomplishment. On all grade levels, the school follows the curriculum from the Archdiocesan Course of Study.

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The curriculum at St. John Catholic School is follows the Archdiocese of Baltimore curriculum which is designed to prepare students to be Catholic, College, and Career Ready. Each course of study fosters students’ Catholic Identity, shaping them to be models of Christian living for others. We provide students with a curriculum that is rigorous and rich in various disciplines. By continuing to implement new standards that are challenging, we work to full-full the promise of quality Catholic Education that educates the whole child: mind, body, and soul. To learn more about our curriculum, please visit the St. John Catholic School Curriculum Page.

Early Education Curriculum

The early education program at St. John Catholic School invites our Preschool  students to interact, explore, and relate successfully to his or her environment. To learn more about our Preschool curriculum, please visit the Early Education Curriculum page.

Elementary School Curriculum

Our kindergarten through fifth grade curriculum is designed to focus on the core subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and religion in a small group learning environment. Learn more about the Elementary School Curriculum by visiting the St. John Catholic School Elementary School Curriculum Page.

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School students at St. John Catholic School are taught in a departmentalized setting which encourages our students to learn time management skills, note-taking, self-confidence, and prepare them for high school. To learn more about the curriculum & methods used please visit the Middle School Curriculum page.

Student Performance

The performance of our students is measured in a variety of ways from their destination in high school to their relationship with Jesus Christ. To learn more about the performance of St. John Catholic School students please visit our Student Performance Page.


The technology used in the classroom at St. John Catholic School helps prepare our students for high school, college, and career success. To read more about how technology is integrated into the curriculum, please visit the Technology Page.  

Signature Programs

There are many signature programs at St. John Catholic School designed to help our students become critical thinkers, future innovators, and leaders in their communities. Discover these programs by visiting our Signature Programs Page.

Before & After School Care Programs

 St. John Catholic School offers currently enrolled families before & after school care to help working families. To learn more about the programs available please visit the Before & after School Care Page.

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