School Board

It is Archdiocesan policy that every school have a school board, regardless of its model of governance. School boards are diverse and seek to reflect the student population, include community representation, and have persons with expertise related to school needs. Meet our school board members for this school year!

In 2021, St. John School moved from the collaborative school model to the parish-school model. This means that the school functions in tandem with the parish to serve the greater mission of St. John Catholic Church, and moreover the Church’s mission in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The school board is an advisory board, assisting the principal and the pastor in administrative decisions. As the principal is responsible for the functioning and growth of the school, the lead pastor is ultimately responsible for both the school and the parish.

The school advisory board is made up of volunteers who specialize in areas such as finance, building and maintenance, spiritual life, marketing, etc.  To contact the School Board, please email 

St. John Catholic School Board

Name Position
Daniel Bowles Chair
Teresa Richardson
Chris Stark
Bob Andrews
Sylvia Martinez
Jorge Medrano
Mary Mussari
Hanael Bianchi
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