Welcome to St. John Catholic School

Graduates of Saint John School are invited to continue their association with the school through praying for the school staff and students, Alumni Events, and attendance at School Events, such as Liturgy and Living Stations, and Gift Giving. 

 Visit our St. John School website and especially its Alumni page to keep informed on all upcoming news, events, and ways you can ensure that the St. John School you loved from yesteryear remains the vitally strong St. John Catholic School of today!

The most important thing we ask is for you to keep us always in your prayers.  The power of prayer is inestimable and when you pray for us, we are all strengthened in resolve and purpose.

Another way to support St. John School is through a direct donation to the school.  Our Annual St. John Fund Run is one way to show your support. You can also serve St. John by acting as an informal “ambassador” of St. John School and sharing our good news in Catholic education with others.  Please share your love and knowledge of St. John School with others (especially if you are local alumni) who may consider enrolling in our school because of your strong endorsement.

Update My Information

We would like to keep in touch with you. Please update and send your current information including your name, address, and email address to Melissa Beaghan at 

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